Campfire Coffee

What is better than a good cup of coffee in the morning? The aroma and the warmth that we know all too well. You can literally feel it all the way down. The only way to make this experience any better is if the coffee was made on the campfire.

We have been using a percolator for coffee for many years. With this method, you get a robust smokey brew that is guaranteed to put hair on your chest. This is an essential every camping trip. Making this coffee is easy enough too.

Tips for making percolator campfire coffee

1. Fill the basket up with coffee grounds. You don't have to mess with measuring!

2. Fire should be touching the percolator. A real hot fire will do the trick, but having those flames surrounding it will have it percolate faster.

3. Bubbling should be dark brown. It will start to percolate clear. Have more patience and wait for that beautiful brown!

4. The handle will be hot! You might be a true mountain man, but your hands can still burn.

5. Pour this wonder in a cup and sit back and enjoy!

Morning or night, rain or shine, this is a must for any camping trip!

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