Camping 101

I have been camping since I was a child. My father and mother made sure my brother and I had many adventures growing up. We learned so many crucial skills in camping to have a better experience all around.

NW Upper Peninsula, MI

We learned through trial and error, as humans usually do.

Here is a list of basics items to bring on a one to two night camping trip.

1. The right tent for the weather ( will it be raining, cold, windy, or hot?)

2. Appropriate sleeping bag (below 35 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 and above?)

3. Sleeping mat, cot, or air mattress

4. Cooler

5. Food and water (take food that you and your family or friends will eat)

6. Cooking utensils

7. Pots and pans ( I prefer cast iron, the taste it gives is out of this world!)

8. Cooking rack ( not all campsites have one)

9. Washing towels with dish detergent

10. Personal hygiene items (not everyone wants to smell you!)

11. Firewood and axe/hatchet

12. Trash bags ( mother nature does not appreciate to be dirty either)

13. Knife and firestarter

14. Appropriate clothing for the weather

15. Prescribed medications

16. Camp chairs

17. Bug spray and sun screen ( do you feel like scratching the whole trip or burning in agony?)

18. Dinnerware and silverware

The main thing to remember is to do your research. What is the forecast? Does the campground sell firewood? What other activities does the area offer? Is there a wash house with restrooms?

These suggestions should allow for a stress free-ish camping event! Always be prepared! Happy Camping!

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