Day Hike Checklist

When you finally find the right trail to hike, and you have the time to hike it, there are some essentials items you should take along with you on the adventure.


Here is a list of essential items for a day hike.

1. Small Backpack- doesn't need to be large, 10-30L would do just fine

2. Appropriate Clothing- dress for the weather!

3. Shoes or boots with good grip

4. Water

5. Compass and map

6. Food or snack (fruit leather, trail mix, nuts, jerky, protein bar)

7. Small first aid kit (should include rope or paracord)

8. Fire starter and knife (for emergencies)

9. Camera

10. Journal for documentation or sketches

Depending on where you live or plan to hike this list can and will change. These essential items can make or break a stroll in nature. So plan ahead and build that pack! Nature is calling!!!

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